Challenge #1

For this challenge I want you to get out a piece of paper and a pen.

Divide the paper in half with a simple line down the middle.

Now on the left hand-side I want you to write down things you do in a normal day/week/month – include your day to day chores and the things you do in your spare time (like watching TV, going to work, or playing with your cat – be specific and detailed as possible).

Once you’ve completed that list I want you to cover the left side (by either folding it or covering it with another piece of paper).

On the right hand-side I would like you to write down ALL the things that make you happy. Everything that gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside, the things that make you smile for hours after you’ve done them, activities that make YOU (just you) feel truly happy.

Un-cover the left hand side and compare your lists.


When I first did this, I was shocked with my results. At the time I didn’t feel like there was anything missing in my life, I felt like I was happy. But to physically see the things that I was doing and compare them to everything that made me smile made me completely rethink how I was living.

Why was it that my day-to-day activities rarely included things that made me feel good? Why hadn’t I noticed this shift in my routine? How could I not have seen that I was doing all these things that didn’t make me happy (that doesn’t mean they made me angry or upset but they weren’t adding any value to my life either)?

With this activity, I want to challenge every one of you to re-evaluate your routine and your lifestyle, to rethink why it is you do all that you do.

My hope is that in doing this comparison it will push you to re-think the way you are going about your daily routine and guide you to find creative ways to add more into your lifestyle that make you feel happy and perhaps (if you can) remove what doesn’t. But try to not focus on the bad instead think more about what you can add, even if it is one thing a week, that is just for YOU and your wellbeing and the rest will come later.


With love,