Food. We eat it every day; multiple times a day. Some days we eat too much, others not enough. It is a common topic of many conversations, the focus of many individual’s day. And central to an one’s wellbeing.   Food has the power to change people. It creates both good and bad habits. It … More Food.

My Little Garden.

Now let me just start this post by saying I am by no means a gardener nor do I know very much about plants. However, this summer I decided to learn. I wanted to get my hands dirty and start my own fruit and veggie garden. So, I did. One quick decision made by spending … More My Little Garden.

The Scale.

  It is truly incredible the power a small metal box, with a little screen containing a few changing numbers, has. Not only can it build people up but it can cause their inner most self to be completely torn down. One small change in the numbers can turn a good day bad, it can … More The Scale.


Healthy.   A word I find myself and others constantly throwing around. But what does it mean?   To be healthy, does it mean taking supplements and drinking protein shakes? Does it look like going to the gym every day or following a strict diet? Or maybe it’s something that comes with six-pack abs and … More Healthy.

Where to Start.

With the amount of information there is online about working out it is no wonder most people find themselves confused or unsure where to start. My advice, start simple. 1. Goal setting. It is the most integral part. It is what determines whether you’ll succeed or fail yet is often skipped. It is easy to … More Where to Start.