We eat it every day; multiple times a day.

Some days we eat too much, others not enough.

It is a common topic of many conversations, the focus of many individual’s day.

And central to an one’s wellbeing.


Food has the power to change people.

It creates both good and bad habits.

It can cause someone to fall in love.

It can cause someone to want to hide from their reflection in the mirror.



What was intended to nourish our bodies has become, to some, an enemy.

Food is not the enemy.

Perhaps, food companies are – the ones who have convinced us to buy their no-good products and become slaves to sugar.

Or the companies that try to scare us from enjoying what we eat by installing shame or guilt.

Or better yet, the ones whom have convinced us if one cupcake is good we need at least 11 more.

But food itself is not bad.

Food is meant to be indulged.

It is meant to be celebrated and admired.

It is supposed to be colourful.

Food should not be eaten in shame.

It is not meant to be counted or measured out.

It is not to be avoided or restricted.

Food should be something to be excited about.



The key to heathy habits.

Not calorie counters, expensive pills or diets.

Not excessive proteins or added sugars.

Real, wholesome, products.

Vegetables with funny names and colourful fruit.

Not packaged sodium and cholesterol flavoured items.

Real baked goods that smell too good to eat and fresh farm grains.


Let’s stop hating food and begin to fall in love.

Be willing to go on blind dates with new recipes and try new things.

Be open to change.

For what will come to those whom ignite their passion for wholesome food will be truly life changing.

In a world focused around food and a market driven by our unhealthy relationships with it, I dare you to build a new, ever-lasting love for it.

I dare you to add spices and try new ingredients.

To be hungry for more and never settle for bland.

To eat with pride.

To close your eyes and taste every flavour.

I dare you to lick your bowl and the spoon.

To stop eating just to eat and instead eat to nourish.

I dare you to re-discover a new relationship with food.


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