A word I find myself and others constantly throwing around. But what does it mean?


To be healthy, does it mean taking supplements and drinking protein shakes? Does it look like going to the gym every day or following a strict diet? Or maybe it’s something that comes with six-pack abs and a ‘perfect’ beach body.


To me, healthy is about the mind, body and soul. It is about being active and covering yourself in sweat daily, not necessarily by going to the gym but by going outside and pushing your body to its physical limits. It is about taking the time to focus on your mental health and finding activities to reduce and manage stress, such as sipping on a cup of hot coco while being swallowed up in a big fluffy blanket and enjoying your favourite novel. It is about taking time to check in with yourself and feeding your soul; when was the last time your cheeks hurt so much yet you still couldn’t stop smiling, or a time recently when you took five minutes to just sit in stillness and reconnected to your breath? I think to be healthy means accepting that there will be bad days and set-backs. It is about accepting these challenges and persevering. It is about being yourself, loving yourself.

Healthy does not come in a pill or a detox tea, healthy isn’t a muscle you simply build at the gym. Healthy does not include punishing yourself by restricting food or wine. Healthy is about, good friends and family, it’s about indulging in a piece of rich chocolate cake once in awhile and treating your body to the nutritious food it deserves other times. It is a way of living not a state of being.


What does healthy mean to you?


With Love,



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