Dear Person on the Elliptical.

Dear Person on the Elliptical,


When you look in the mirror what do you see?

Do you see the physical strength that you have built over the past while, or do you see a work in progress, constantly striving for greatness but never achieving anything higher than mediocre?

Do you look at yourself in the mirror and see the bags under your eyes and think…gross?

Do you look at your mis-matched socks and messy bun and think how did I let myself out of the house?


Dear person on the Elliptical,


Is the reason you keep pushing yourself harder and harder because you are appalled by your physic – of what you have let yourself become?

Do you later punish yourself with food restrictions?

Are you at the gym day in and day out because you feel as if there is nowhere else a person of your size or appearance should be but working to become ‘fitter’ or ‘healthier’?

I notice you constantly looking at the people of the treadmill nearby in matching Lululemon outfits and think why are they here, as If they were taunting you with their ‘perfect bodies’ – do you envy them?


Dear person on the Elliptical,


When I look at you I see strength.

I see the polka dot sock matched with the strips and think – congratulations you made it here. In the chaos of your morning you could pull yourself out of bed, get dressed and lace up those shoes – which by the faint circles under your eyes I know it would have been easier to stay in bed this morning. I imagine you being up late the night before perhaps writing a term paper or maybe up with a newborn, or better yet taking care of your sick grandmother and think to myself the strength you must have to be able to bring yourself here.

As you continue to push yourself harder, I wonder how oblivious you must be – to not see your own beauty and strength looking back from the mirror.

I wonder if you realize how much other people look up to you.

I wonder if you know how much those Lululemon-wearing individuals struggle with accepting what you consider to be the ‘perfect’ body.

I worry that you will never see it.

Never see the what I see in you.

Never see the true strength that you have.

Never understand that to some you are the goal.

To some you are an inspiration.

To some you are more than enough.

I worry that you will never stop pushing yourself harder, that you will punish yourself daily.

I worry that through all the sweat you will never learn to appreciate the feeling.

Feelings of gratitude and admiration for yourself.

Feelings of love and joy for the skin you are in.

I worry that through your search for bettering yourself you will lose everything that is already there.

Everything that is already perfect.


Dear person on the Elliptical,


I wish you knew that you are enough.

More than enough.

You are beautiful.

You are strong.

While I don’t wish for you to stop working out, I hope that you stop punishing yourself.

I hope for you to realize the strength you have and begin working out as a way to celebrate your body and all that it can do.

I hope you can indulge in food once more, and begin seeing the glass as half full.

Because a person as strong as you can change the world.

But not without first seeing their worth.



With love,



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