The Burnout.

Burnout. Something we have all experienced at least once. Something that happens when we take on too much, too soon. A way our body tells us to slow down. Listen.


If you are anything like me, saying no is hard. Being busy and feeling overtired and/or overworked is much more bearable than the thought of letting someone down, or feeling guilty for not being able to take on that one extra task.


There is so much expected of us these days: work hard, get good grades, smile, eat veggies, take on more at work, take up a second job, have lots of friends, make time for volunteering, go to social events, take time for yourself (but not too much). It’s a lot. Too much. When life is good it is easy to keep taking on more. But how come when life gets busy our health is the first thing to drop in order to make room for new things? Listen to your body. Stop. Smell the roses. Take in all that is good when it is good without feeling the guilt to take on more. You’ve earned it. Accept the silence and breath. Take the time out of your day for yourself. Do something because you want not because you should. Take the time to appreciate your body, your health, your mind. Find the time, better yet make the time to focus on you because everyone else can wait.


“You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.”- anonymous


Burnouts can also happen in our workout routines. Just like in life when we take on too much too soon our bodies become overworked and overwhelmed causing us to breakdown. When we begin a workout routine it can be exciting, the hope of better health and experiencing new things, this can lead to going from the couch to working out 5 days a week leaving room for injury and dropping out. It is important when starting a workout plan to take it slow. If you are just starting, begin with 3 days a week at 30 minutes, then slowly work your way up for 5 days a week for 30 minutes. Same goes for those whom are looking to advance their routines. The problem with going all in right away is not only an increased risk of injury but also an increased probability of not sticking with the new routine.


Thus I encourage you to take things slowly. Life goes by so quickly on its own why do we constantly feel the need to rush it along even further? The next time you feel like saying yes think about what it would mean for you, what will you have to give up? Is it sleep? Is it your workout? Is it a night to yourself? Say no if you can, instead cherish yourself say yes to things that will make you happy. Say yes to a hot bath or a good sweaty run, say yes to a warm cup of tea and a new book, say yes to an afternoon spent with someone you love or time with yourself. It is time to put your health first.



With love,



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