Inspiring Discussions Around Health

Here are a few of my favourite movies, documentaries, and Ted Talks that celebrate or discuss healthy lifestyles. I do not necessarily agree with every point made in these clips but hope that they open a discussion about physical activity and/or healthy habits. If you have any others please comment below!



  • Forks over knives – One of the first documentaries that made me strongly reconsider eating meat.
  • Minimalism
  • Sugar Coated 
  • Finding Traction
  • Cowspiracy – SERIOUSLY if you haven’t already.
  • Living on One Dollar
  • Jamie’s Sugar Rush
  • Food Inc. – A classic that everyone should see at least once.

Ted Talks:

  • “Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model”
  • “A Formula for Happiness”                                             
  • “Teach Every Child About Food”                                  


  • Eat. Pray. Love – This is one of my favourite self-love, feel good movies.

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