“Good Things Take Time”

‘Healthy’ isn’t something that happens over night. It’s a lifelong commitment between you and your body.

It’s more than working out at they gym.

It’s more than eating a salad every day.

It’s more than talking about it.

To be healthy takes determination, it takes passion, it takes drive. But most importantly being healthy takes love. True love. Love for yourself. Accepting your greatnesses and your faults. Accepting that you can’t do it all but celebrating what you have done and what you still can do. Love for your body. Looking in a mirror and feeling grateful for all that is there and not resentment for what is still there. Seeing the stretch marks across your skin and accepting them instead of hating them. Health takes sweat. Sweat from a great workout,  from a days work in the garden, from the cold-sweats one gets from stepping outside of their comfort zone. Health is bigger than you and me. It may seem out of reach but is always near. It’s the walk with your dog in the evening, the meal you and your partner cook together, it’s the hug shared between two old friends. Health is not a state of being. It surrounds us every day yet is often pushed out of sight. It cannot be ignored, nor should it. It is time. Time to make health a priority.



With love,



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