How my Journey Started…

Has you or anyone in your family had a history of any of the following:

Smoking? Yes.

Excessive drinking? Yes.

Obesity? Yes.

High Blood Pressure? Yes.

High Cholesterol? Yes.

Type II Diabetes? Yes.

Arthritis? Yes.

Stroke? Yes.

Heart Disease? Yes.

Alzheimer’s? Yes.

Cancer? Yes.


My heart sank further and further as I continued to answer yes question after question. Fortunately, I have not personally suffered from any of these conditions but I began to think of all the people I hold nearest to my heart that have had or continue to live with these illnesses.

When I got home that day I started thinking. How was it that in my relatively small family circle could I have known someone or in some cases multiple people who fit each one of these categories? Could it be that my family just happened to have a combination of the worst genes mixed with the most un-healthy behaviours? Or was this issues something much bigger than my family tree? But I knew I was not the only person in the doctors waiting room that day who answered yes to all of those questions.

The problem was much bigger than I first thought. As the days rolled on I began observing the people around me, in grocery stores, at work, at school, even at my gym and what I saw scared me. The number of people I saw who matched one or more categories on that questionnaire grew and grew until one day I finally stopped. It had become too much. But why did I find this so shocking? Day after day my Facebook news feed is filled with horrifying statistics of the health of our population. Why was it that when I finally looked in my own backyard so to say and saw these problems first hand that that’s when it blew me away?

The week went on and I still pondered on the many questions I now had running through my mind. But it was the images I pictured that hit me the hardest. The images of me sitting at home many years from now with cupboards of prescription pills, books upon books on how to lose weight or how to lower my blood pressure, calendars filled with doctor’s appointments and hospital visits, pictures of old friends doing crazy adventuress things while I sat at home watching the excitement from my TV. I quickly realized this is NOT in any way what I wanted from life. I vowed to myself that day forth I would do anything I possibly could to avoid that future.

I started watching documentary after documentary, following blogs, reading articles and journals, listened harder to my professors as they addressed similar concerns anything that would help bring me closer to answers. But that was the thing. There was no ONE thing that could change or shape my future, there was no magic pill that could prevent all these conditions and diseases, the matter is so complex it involved something much more serious. I realized what I needed was to not focus on one thing alone but instead pay attention to many different aspects of my life. From my sleep pattern to my nutrition, from my exercise habits to what I did in my free time, there was a dependent relationship among everything.

By just simply altering parts of one’s day to day routine could impact someone’s entire future. But why if it was that easy were people not already doing this? Were people content with the idea of taking handfuls of pills every morning or not being able to get up every day and do the things they once loved? Now I can not speak for everyone but what I think the problem is that people are either scared and/or uncomfortable with the idea of changing their lifestyle. I believe we are taught to see change as an all or none approach, that you must completely ditch everything you have grown to love and begin eating nothing but grass and dandelions while doing yoga outside. That you will no longer be able to indulge in a rich chocolate cake or spend a weekend in front of the TV watching your favourite re-runs. That changing your lifestyle involves nothing but exercise and wearing clothing made from hemp and eating tasteless foods. But that is the wonderful thing with change, it is not an all or none approach, you can manipulate certain aspects while leaving others intact, you can go back to old methods if the new ones don’t feel right, you can try something once and then never try it again.

The purpose of My Life in a Sports Bra is to help anyone and everyone who is just starting, or in the process of their own journey of change. My hope is that with my knowledge and experiences, I can help those who find fitness and health to be daunting see it instead as joyous or exciting, shed light on some controversial topics related to health and fitness, share all my secret workouts and recipes as well as general life tips! I am also open to feedback on what you like/don’t like, what you would like to see in future posts, and of course am always here if you have ANY questions or comments for me!


With love,




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